Marriage On A Tightrope

Marriage On A Tightrope: 002: Church Attendance

In this episode, Allan and Kattie discuss finding value at church as a mixed faith couple.  They discuss the difficulties, the benefits, and how they’ve learned to be more respectful of each others perspectives regarding church attendance.


3 thoughts on “Marriage On A Tightrope: 002: Church Attendance

  1. Sometimes my beef with Mormonism is that we focus way too much on Christianity where I would love that we spend more time focusing on new ideas, thoughts, and revelations.

    We don’t have enough of that these days, we seem to regurgitate old mainstream Christianity perspectives and if that’s what I wanted well any church would do that.

    I just wish we would speak more about what was controversial at church.

  2. Loved the podcast, great job guys. I love your positive take on things and wish there were more models of people like you in the Church remaining engaged while adjusting their faith and world view. David–like you, I have often found the way we frame Christianity in the Church uncompelling. God gives us a long list of commandments that we need to obey (it’s impossible to do) and Christ makes up for our failures and gives God his 100% obedience through the atonement. We get a heavy dose of guilt along the way “how many drops of blood were shed for me?” To me, that is not the good news. I would recommend checking out some New Testament scholarship and the exciting world of people who have explored the wisdom, compassion and social message of Jesus’ teachings (Marcus Borg, Richard Rohr, Peter Enns). For me, that approach to Christ is good news and is exciting, hopeful and engaging and not a guilt trip about all the ways we don’t measure up to perfection.

    • Felix…thanks for the comment and for listening =)

      I feel the same way. Not to diminish the atonement or sacrifice of Christ, but I gravitate much more toward the teaching that can help me live better today rather than a guilt filled living in hopes of a reward in the next life.

      I find great meaning in putting my focus in how Christ’s example can improve the life of my family, friends and those around me when I do better at putting that example into practice in my own life.

      I’ll absolutely check out those references you pointed out! I’m always on the hunt for a new perspective!

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