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Marriage on a Tightrope: 039: Back to Church Part 2 (Lindsay and Matt)

Lindsay Kjar goes back to church for the first time in months.  What was her experience like?  How was it for her believing husband Matt?

This is part of a series of episodes that will explore what it is like to attend church on Sunday as a non-believer and as a spouse of a non-believer.  Allan and Kattie will also be sharing their experiences with Allan going back to church.  Those episodes will be released separately.


2 thoughts on “Marriage on a Tightrope: 039: Back to Church Part 2 (Lindsay and Matt)”

  1. The Kjar interview was of my favorite that you’ve done. I still laugh when I think of Lindsay of likening her husband as Amish to help remind her to respect those of different belief systems.

    I’m really curious to hear how this back-to-church experiment goes!

  2. Thank you for a great podcast! I enjoy the way each of you can freely share your experiences. I love how you said we are all in mixed faith relationships. You two trust each other and that you want to be supportive to each other. I took a lot of notes to go through. Great advice and ideas on how we can navigate life.

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