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Marriage on a Tightrope: 074: Word of Wisdom (Part 2)

Allan and Kattie talk in detail about their experience with the Word of Wisdom.  They cover their experience, share lessons learned, and discuss some of the tools that couples can use to negotiate the Word of Wisdom.

Many of the tools shared come from our “Workshop on a Tightrope”, a 6-week online course taught by Natasha Helfer Parker, Allan and Kattie.  Pre-registration for the course is open now until June 11th at

Those that register before June 11th receive $30 off the course, and will receive the additional Sex and Intimacy Masterclass at no additional charge.


3 thoughts on “Marriage on a Tightrope: 074: Word of Wisdom (Part 2)”

    1. She’s open and honest about her church activities. There’s nothing in her church activity that I feel she needs to report on. If she were secretly meeting with leadership, or attending the temple twice a week and keeping it from me, that would be a different story. Open communication on both sides certainly is key

  1. Allan and Kattie,

    Love the podcast. I am in a mixed faith marriage (I’m the one who left). Really liked this episode on the WoW. My question is to you Kattie. I mean this with all love and respect; if you don’t have an issue with caffeine, and don’t have an issue with hot beverages (ie Hot Chocolate), why do you have an issue with a drink that combines the two (coffee). I think Mormons (in the past, me included) depend too much on tradition and don’t see or think of things logically.

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