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Allan & Kattie have created Marriage on a Tightrope as a resource for mixed faith marriages and relationships.  Navigating a mixed faith relationship is difficult and at times tumultuous.  and yet with some resources and tools we can navigate these journeys with the people we love with respect and kindness and find ways to help love endure.





4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Keep the “and we’re still married” tagline. It’s so cute. And keep up the great work!

  2. Shane n Wendy Adamson from MFMM Facebook group
    Enjoyed hearing your son tonight. What a great kid!
    Also, I feel you both have handled your faith crisis with maturity and hearing you talk it does not sound like crisis. Sounds stable
    With advanced notice, I’m willing to contribute.
    I’m a marriage therapist and 10 years into our MFMM. I’m ANBM and wife is PM.
    First 5 years was drama. We also had a 15 yr old become suicidal in the middle of all this. She is ok. Returning from residential treatment in the fall. We are OK. Just celebrated 26 years marriage and 2 kids in college. Thanks for your contributions to the community. I plan to listen to Tricia n Matt next

  3. Just listened to your interview with Richard Ostler. AWESOME. My wife is from Barcelona. I am American, born in Utah. We’ve been living there since 1983. We live in Sabadell, former bishop there, but seva had faith journeys together out of the church. I wonder if our paths crossed, if we have common friends. My wife comes from a prominent LDS poo ear family in Barcelona.

  4. Hi Allan & Kattie,

    Hopefully this gets to you. I’m Scott Rosenlof and I’ve been a member of your group for a while now. Listened to your podcasts and followed you on Facebook. I love your message! I also started my own Facebook page called “The Active Husband” about 7 months ago, a year after my wife decided to leave the church. I’m brining this up only because wether you know it or not, you’ve helped with my page 🙂. We have a common member who mentioned my page in a comment on yours which has helped bring a few people to join my group. I feel we are very complimentary to each other and have very similar missions and ideals in common. I’ve added you as a “Recommend” site on my page. I ask that you do the same. I would love to invite you guys to take a look. Although much much smaller and not nearly as professional as yours, I’m proud of what we are building. I think we can share the same messages together.

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